Welcome to the website of “The Dolphins” school for children with autism in Sri Lanka.

This website contains all necessary information about our school which we started  in March 2008 in Colombo.

Who should read this website :


If your child has been diagnosed with autism, or if you think your child might have autism.


If you are a (montessori) trained teacher, really devoted to work with children with special needs, have knowledge about autism, or interested in learning through workshops and individual trainings, than please go through this website as we are always looking for teachers to help our children.


Our school is a non profit organization. Depending on the ability of the parent, a contribution for the education of the child is required. However we also want to help the less-fortunate and parents who find it difficult to afford to sent their child to a special school. We need sponsors who can sponsor the education and training of a child with autism. Sri Lanka has about 39.000 children with autism and unfortunately there are hardly any specialized schools. With the help of sponsors we will be able to help at least some of them.

And ofcourse everyone else who has any interest in helping children with autism.

By reading the information on this website you can give this information to other people and in whatever way help a child with autism to live an independent life as much as possible and help him/her to understand our world.