A child like no other, in a land like no other.... Sri Lanka!

An unique experience abroad is regularly more than just a few weeks holiday. You want to live and feel the country. You want to explore and discover everything about the culture, the people, the way of living and the language. Through voluntary work, you will be able to combine a special travel experience with a very useful purpose. You can really mean something for the people and the country!

The Dolphins, “school for children with autism” is a non-profit organization. We are always looking for volunteers who would like to help us in our school in all possible ways. This can be from a few months till one year or longer. The length of stay will all depend on your wishes and your availability.

Recently we had 2 volunteers in our school; a speech therapist and a child development specialist, both from Holland. They were a great help to us. Through the speech therapy we were able to improve the speech of the children in a great way. We got special individual schooling programs made, had play therapy sessions, improved the sensory integration activities and so on.

At the moment we have a voluntary artwork specialist from the UK to help the children f.i. to improve their fine motor skills, their cognitive skills and their social skills. He also helps with the daily gym where we improve the gross motor skills of the children and he helps during other activities.

Have you finished a study in a relevant field and would you like to get some work experience? Or have you worked with children with autism and would you love to do this again? Or do you think you can help us in an other way with your experiences and skills? Then please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities! Students who would like to do their internships in a relevant field in our school are also most welcome to join us.

We hope we may welcome many more volunteers for our school in Sri Lanka!