The philosophy at this establishment is that each child deserves equal opportunity, regardless of background, race, religion or disability. We strive to teach children with autism the life skills, social skills and language skills they require to face the world around them, while helping them to better cope with and understand their surroundings.

One of the main methods used in this school is the TEACCH method which was developed by Professor Eric Schopler and many of his colleagues at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Autistic individuals often have difficulty with receptive and expressive language, sequential memory, and handling changes in their environment. The TEACCH method provides the individual with structure and organization. In addition to this we incorporate a few of the Montessori methods as well. However, having said that we work within the frame work of these methods, it is important to mention that it is the student’s needs that we cater to.

The classrooms and activities are structured in such a manner that it helps the students to better understand their requirements. The entire approach to teaching in this school is an individualistic one, where in each student’s needs, capabilities and requirements are catered to. Thus the teaching method is tailored to each child. There are a range of activities and lessons throughout the day that cater to the student’s fine and gross motor development, cognitive development and speech development among other things.

The environment that we create at the school is one of safety, structure and enjoyment. While we believe in the students having concentrated work time we also believe in the students enjoying activities. The day schedule has been created with these in mind, interspacing the concentrated work times with energy filled exercise times, sensory integration sessions and play sessions.

Through all the above mentioned methods and activities we strive to assist the autistic individual in better understanding his/her environment.