Do something wonderful.. Become a sponsor and help us to continue our misson!

In Sri Lanka there are about 39.000 children with autism and unfortunately there are hardly any specialized schools who can give them a proper education. We started our school with the mission to help at least some of these children and make sure that they will get an appropriate method of teaching, which is so important for such children.
The Dolphins is a non profit organization. It is required that parents pay a contribution for the education of their child. But, we do realize that there are parents who are less-fortunate, what makes them unable to send their child to a special school. However, we also want to help these parents and provide their child the education which it needs. Through the support of sponsors, we will be able to do this.
We are always looking for sponsors who can support our school in all possible ways. This could be done by sponsoring;

  • A teacher

The Dolphins has special trained teachers. They have knowledge about autism and have experience in working with children with special needs. They are trained by foreign professionals. The costs for one teacher are between 15.000 – 30.000 rupees per month.

  • A child

Every child with autism has the right to get a proper education, a suitable training and an appropriate method of teaching. It is possible to sponsor a child in our school. The monthly school fee per child is 29.000 rupees.

  • A therapist

Different therapies like speech- occupational and play therapy are essential for our children. These therapies help them to develop ways to communicate their emotions and interests, as well as giving them some skills to live more independently. It is possible to sponsor a therapist. The costs for local therapist are +/- 600-1000 rupees per hour. The costs for a foreign therapist can vary, as we sometimes have volunteer therapists. When we have to pay for a foreign therapist, the salaries can vary again from local salaries up to European standards.

  • The rent of the school

The Dolphins is located in a building in central Colombo. Every month we have to pay the rent and additional costs and it would be possible to sponsor the building. The costs for rent/electricity/water/phone/ADSL are approximately 50.000 rupees per month.

  • Transport / holidaycamps

In a little while we want to start with out-door trips and swimming lessons. We are looking for funders to support a school bus which can be used for trips and the weekly swimming lessons.  For holidays we are planning to organise one-week holiday camps. We are looking for sponsors and volunteers to help us.

Are you an individual who likes to support a small but trustworthy organisation? Or are you a company who is holding a party or a corporate event and likes to donate the profits to something different? Then please contact us!